12 Free fun things to do in Toronto this summer

1. Take a walking tour of the city

Check out our Historic Buildings tour, University of Toronto tour or our Churches tour.


2. Go for a hike

Our Toronto hiking trail guide


3. Photography challenge.  Get new content for your Facebook and Instagram feed.

4. Forage for free food.  Popular places is the Morningside Park and the Humber River

5. Kayak or canoe on the waterfront


6. Picnic.  Check out Trinity Bellwoods Park, Christie Pitts, Centre Island or High Park


7. Bike.  Check out the trails are in the Don Valley/Crother’s Woods


8. Join a pickup frisbee or soccer game.  Meetup and Facebook have the details

9. Camp in your backyard

10. Head to the beach.  Check out Woodbine beach, Centre Island or Sunnyside


11. Catch up on the latest magazines at the public library.  Or attend a book reading

12. People watch. Do it from Dundas Square or a Queen West patio





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