Are your pipes leeching lead into your drinking water?

If your Toronto home (Does not apply to multi residential buildings) is over 60 years old / built before the 1950s  it was likely serviced with lead water pipes at some point.   If the lead pipes were not replaced, its possible lead is currently leeching into your tap water.

Lead testing:

Toronto water has a sampling program for residents that are suspected to have lead service lines supplying the home.

For a testing kit for lead in tap water call 311 and ask for the lead water testing kit.
More info:

What to do if you have lead pipes:

  1. Toronto Public Health recommends replacing both portions of the lead service pipe – the City-owned portion and the portion on your property
  2. Use end-of-tap water filter. Look for a filter that has been certified by the National Sanitation Foundation for lead removal and reduction. Install this filter on the water tap you use most often to get water for cooking or to drink.
  3. Flushing tap water to reduce expose to lead from plumbing.  Run water after water has been sitting in pipes for an extended time period (i.e. overnight)
    wait until water is consistently cold / or run water for 5 minutes.
  4. Use cold water for cooking

Replacing lead pipes

Residents can apply to have the City replace its side of the pipe on a priority basis if the City’s water service pipe is lead.

A water service pipe is owned by the City and by the homeowner.

City of Toronto website for lead waterpipes

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