Driving in Toronto – Things to make you re-consider

Construction: With the size of the city and the wear and tear on the roads, there is always construction. The Gardiner Expressway is always under construction. In addition, the boom of new building construction often closes lanes of traffic

Costs:  License renewal fees. Parking. Car insurance. Gas. There are just some of the costs that are higher in Toronto than in the rest of Canada. There are also road tolls on highways like the 407 (maybe Gardiner one day?)

Streetcars: Streetcars share streets with cars. Often this creates a problems. Drivers fail to realize that passing a loading streetcar is illegal. Also streetcar track repairs are a major source of construction headache. When a streetcar breaks down – be ready for traffic that doesn’t move.

Traffic: Driving crosstown or uptown/downtown can often take an hour or more. Sometimes transit or biking is faster

Parking: Expect to pay in excess of $20 to park downtown for a day. Metered street parking is running at minimum $1.50 an hour

Car break ins: Leaving a car with valuables visible in the window is an invitation for thieves

Poor driving skills: There are a wide range of driving skills and backgrounds on the road. Driving in different parts of the city also requires different set of skills. ie. if you never drive downtown, you may not know about the streetcars or parallel parking. In addition there are many occasional drivers who don’t have a lot of driving experience.

Potholes: The change in temperature from winter to summer is one of the main reasons for potholes. These notorious holes can cause some serious damage to your vehicle if you hit one in the wrong way.

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