Free Toronto day trips for your dog


High Park

As one of Toronto’s largest parks, High Park is a vast preserve of natural beauty which is perfect for letting your furry friend roam to their heart’s desire. Easily accessible from Bloor St. and Parkside Dr. in the heart of Toronto, High Park is open 24 hours and has plenty of parking. There are also lots of tables, benches, restrooms, and “doggie bag” dispensers for cleaning up after your dog.

Cherry Beach Dog Park

A popular dog park by the lake, Cherry Beach Dog Park is located at the foot of Cherry Street just west of the Don Valley Parkway. Parking is plentiful and free either on the streets or further up by the T&T Supermarket. There is a large fenced up off-leash area with hours of operation Monday – Fridays no restrictions, but on weekends between July 1 and September 15 prior to 10am and after 8pm.


Allan Gardens

Convenient for downtown pet owners because it is located between College and Gerrard, and bordered by Jarvis and Sherbourne. The park is open for access 24 hours which includes the fenced in off-leash area with dog themed sculptures.

Pawsway and Queen Quay West

Pawsway is a unique destination for both you and your pet. The animal-friendly center features plenty of entertainment for pets and their owners, including pet museums and educational exhibits for pet parents. Located at the harbor front on Queen’s Way West, Pawsway is the perfect place for your dog to get tons of interaction with other furry friends, including cats. The center holds a number of events throughout the week, including obedience classes and “puppy kindergarten.”


Sunnybrook Park

Sunnybrook Park is a sprawling expanse of nature located conveniently close to the downtown area, with primary access from Leslie St. and Ellington Avenue East. Sunnybrook has ample tables and benches, and a dedicated area for letting dogs run off-leash. If your pal is up for some exercise, there are plenty of wooded walking trails throughout Sunnybrook. The park is accessible 24 hours a day and has plenty of doggie bags.


Craigleigh Gardens

Located on South Drive in the heart of Toronto, Craigleigh Gardens is a convenient place to give your pooch some fresh air and off-leash exercise. The park is open 24 hours a day, but off-leash times are limited to 6 am to 10 am and 6 pm to 10 pm. Taking your friend to Craigleigh during these times is a great way to get some healthy interaction with other dogs. Because Craigleigh isn’t too big, there’s no need to worry about losing sight of your dog.

Woodbine Beach or Sunnyside Beach

If your dog likes the sand and/or likes to swim these beaches are the place for you.  Both have extensive boardwalks and sandy shores.

Don River Trail

The 14km Don River Trail begins at the lake and runs north to Lawrence Ave. There are numerous public art sculptures by Noel Harding near the Ontario Science Centre Continue to Edwards Gardens to see manicured gardens

Toronto Islands

Various paved trails run through the islands. Good for the summer, where temperatures are a few degrees below that of the city.

Martin Goodman Trail

MGT is paved and runs along the lake and Lakeshore Blvd. The trials runs from the beaches in the east end of the city to the Humber River in the west.

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