Fruit trees that will grow in your Toronto garden

Have a backyard and want to plant a tree that bears fruit.  Here are some options for Toronto dwellers

1. Apple.  One of the most popular.  Harvest in the fall.  You need 2 trees to get fruit.  In Toronto apple trees are common enough that a neighbour’s apple/crab apple tree will probably suffice as a 2nd tree.


2. Cherry.  Sweet cherries are ready in June/July.  Cross pollination required.


3. Peach.  July harvest.  Many peach trees are self pollinating; you only need 1 tree.


4. Pear.  Not that popular, but easy to grow.


5. Raspberry.  Self pollinating.  Difficult to pick and harvest.raspberries-693653_640


6. Blueberry.  Easy to grow, but not self pollinating

7. Plum.  Not that easy to grow, but if you like plums, totally worth it.


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