How to avoid speeding tickets in Toronto

How to avoid speeding tickets in Toronto

Watch out for reduced speeds zones

  1. School zones
  2. Construction areas
  3. Places where the speed limit changes

Know where police like to hang out

  1. Bottom of hills
  2. On bridges and under bridges
  3. Long straightaways
  4. School zones
  5. Close to highway exits
  6. Highway ramps
  7. Stopping points or turnaround points on the highway

Avoid driving too far over the speed limit.  Police will usually let 10km – 15 km over in 60km/h typically pass.  Anything over 20km you are in for a big fine

Truck drivers are on the look out for speed traps are.  They also typically warn each other of these traps over CB radio.  Following a truck at safe distance is similar to having a radar detector.

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