How to do Bloor St Koreatown in an afternoon

How to do Toronto’s Korea Town on Bloor street in an afternoon.

1. Start off with Tofu at LA Soft Tofu Stone Pot (606 Bloor St. Toronto)


2. Get your hair done.  Check out Maya or Goa Hair Salons (635 Bloor St. West, Toronto)

3. Off to Honest Ed’s (581 Bloor St. West. Toronto) a general goods store while its still there.


4. Spend some time at Christie Pitts (779 Crawford St, Toronto) .  If you are lucky, catch a semi pro baseball game


5. PAT Market (675 Bloor St W, Toronto) – your source of Korean groceries


6. Pick up baked goods at BNC Bakery (631 Bloor Street West, Toronto)


7. Many dinner options.  Korean Village ( 628 Bloor Street West. Toronto) is a higher end option


8. Paldo gangsan (694 Bloor St. W.), Thumbs Up (615 Bloor St. W., Toronto), or Kachi are lower priced options





9.Karoke at  Gorhe Gorhe (708 Bloor St. W. Toronto) or BMB Karoke (593 Bloor Street West. Toronto)

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