Laundromat etiquette rules

In some part of Toronto, many of us don’t have washing machines and dryers in our apartments.  We have to frequent laundromats.  Here’s some rules to make this experience easier for everyone.


1. Set a timer if you leave the premises.  

The machine is not a storage bin for your clothes.  Pick them up on time.

2. 5-10 min grace period.  

If someone’s load finishes  and they don’t make it back on time, they get a 5-10 min grace period before you can move their clothes.

3. When moving clothes (in the above situation), move them to somewhere clean

The floor is not clean.

4. Clean up any detergent spills, etc.

Just because.

5. Avoid peeking at other people’s laundry.

Don’t be nosy, its none of your business even if they are literally doing their laundry in public.




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