Quick Guide to the Bramption Ontario Courthouse

The Brampton Courthouse is a major courthouse with a Bail Court, First Appearance Court, Probation, Small Claims Court and Youth Court.  It has onsite free parking as well as a cafeteria


7755 Hurontario Street
Brampton, Ontario
L6W 4T6

Jury Duty:

If you get called for jury duty, here are some things to note:
  • long lines up to get into the courthouse in the morning – everyone must pass through airport style security – this can take 15minutes to 45 minutes.
  • You will be contained in a waiting room for potentially the entire week.  Bring diversions such as Ipad, books, newspapers, water, snacks
  • You will have a short lunch break, you will probably only have enough time to visit the cafeteria
  • If you bring an electronic device, bring a charger and try to sit near an electrical outlet.

All the important numbers you need to know for the Brampton Ontario Courthouse

Name Phone Number Fax Number
General number (Auto Attendant) 905-456-4700
Crown Attorney (Provincial) 905-456-4777 905-456-4780
Case Management 905-453-2121
(ext. 8621)
Crown Attorney  (Federal) 905-454-2424 905- 454-2168
Ontario Court of Justice 905-456-4730 905-456-4732
Superior Court of Justice
Trial Office
905-456-4878 905-456-4879
Superior Court of Justice
Registrar’s Office
905-456-4744 905-456-4741
Superior Court of Justice
Trial Co-ordinator’s Office
905-456-4876 905-456-4879
Justice of the Peace Office 905-456-4750
Court Support
(Clerks and Reporters)
905-456-4710 905-456-4713
Enforcement-Sheriff 905-456-4701
Interpretation Services 905-456-4715 905-456-4716
Legal Aid  (Area Director) 905-453-1723 905-453-1743
Cells 905-453-3311
(ext. 8720)
Mental Health Diversion 905-456-4700
(ext. 5663)
Duty Counsel TSAD/PLEAS (905) 456-4700
(ext. 5673)
Duty Counsel Bail (905) 456-4700
(ext.) 5671
Probation – Ministry of Community and Social Services- Phase 1 905-456-3430 or
Probation-Ministry of Corrections- Phase 2 and Adult 905-874-4058 or
(ext. 5660)

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