Ready to book your driving test? Here are the locations you are most likely to fail at


Some driving test centres fail test takers at high rates than others.  One factors could be the roads and traffic around the driving centre.  Other factors include the driving test staff at different centres could be more or less stringent on the test criteria.

If you want to improve your chances of passing, test centres outside Toronto seem to be the best bet.  Traffic around those centres is likely to be easier to navigate.

Driving test failure rates by test center

  • Scarborough – 47.3%
  • Downsview – 41.8%
  • Toronto East – 39.5%
  • Aurora – 36.5%
  • Oshawa – 32.1%
  • Lindsay – 30.5%
  • Hunsville – 26.9%
  • Peterborough – 24.5%
  • Bancroft – 22.9%

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