The most common traffic tickets issued in Toronto

  1. Speeding
    • Speed traps are a good revenue generator for the Toronto police.  Often steup in school and construction zones.  See how to avoid getting caught for speeding here
  2. Running red lights and/or stop signs
    • Stop fully at stop signs.  There are red light cameras are at various Toronto intersections
  3. Improper turns
    • Turning from the wrong lane will catch the attention of the ticket police
  4. Not wearing a seatbelt
    • Everyone in the car must wear a seatbelt.  The driver is responsible for ensuring minors wear their seatbelt
  5. Expired license plate sticker or registration
    • The sticker on your license plate needs to be renewed and updated.  You must also be able to provide insurance information if you are stopped by police
  6. Burnt out headlights
    • At night it is easy for police to identify cars with burnt out headlights

Most of the common tickets can be avoided, which will ultimately result in you saving money on auto insurance and from not having to pay traffic tickets

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