Throwback – When the Shuffle Demons rapped about the Spadina bus

This Shuffle Demons song became a surprise Top 40 hit nearly 30 years ago in 1986. On July 3, 2012 the Shuffle Demons released their first new album in over 15 years entitled “Clusterfunk”.

Some Spadina Bus Trivia

  • Before the the Spadina bus, Spadina Avenue was served using horse drawn cars from 1880 to 1892
  • Electric streetcars replaced the horse drawn cars 1892
  • The street cars were replace by the Spadina Bus from 1948 – 1977
  • The Spadina Bus was assigned route #77  in the late 1950s when route numbers were introduced
  • The 510 Street Car replaced the Spadina Bus on July 27 1997, although the Bus makes a cameo from time to time on Spadina
  • Route #77 has been recycled. It is now the #77 Swansea bus.

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