Tips for avoiding a car accidents in Toronto

Driving in Toronto, especially downtown can be tricky for both tourists and locals alike.  Here are some tips to avoid accidents

1. Avoid distractions – The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) cite distracted driving as a factor in 30% – 50%  of traffic accidents. Texting and talking on cell phones are the key culprits, although eating , grooming etc also make the list

2. Watch for pedestrians – In areas busy with pedestrians paid special attention at intersections.   Pedestrians sometimes fail to pay attention to their signals or try to beat the traffic signals by running across the street

3. Watch for streetcars – Passing a streetcar loading passengers is against the law.  Here are tips on how to pass a streetcar


4. Check blind spots – Always check blind spots before making a lane change or merging into traffic. Avoid driving in another vehicle’s blind spot

5. Don’t drive tired or impaired – Toronto has many taxi and public transportation options

6. Adhere to the speed limit – Obey the speed limit.  Reduce speed for conditions such as nclement weather, heavy traffic or construction zones.

What happens if you get into an accident?

Stay safe.  Remain with the vehicle and do not leave the scene of the crash unless it is unsafe. Call police.  Exchange driver information with the other driver. Avoid arguments with the other driving or talking about who was at fault for the accident.

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