Toronto – Do you live next to a toxic site?

1. Lansdowne TTC Garage (Bloor and Lansdowne)

The site of the former bus garage has sat vacant surrounded by a fence for years.   In 2002 the TTC found sub suface contamination in the soil and ground water.  The trichloroethylene is believed to have leaked there from a former GE plant.  Remediating the site has been tied up in the courts for years.  See TTC report.

2. Don River

The Don River is the dumping ground for storm water and sewage runoff when it rains.  Toxic chemicals, metals and sewage make the river unsafe for swimming or watersport.  Learn more.


3. McClure radioactive site (Malvern)

The home to Radium Luminous Industries in the 1940s, radioactive soil has found in 1990.  Meanwhile the site had been developed into a housing project.  In 1995 the radioactive soil was removed

4. GE nuclear site (Lansdowne and Davenport)

In 2012 the hard luck Landsdowne locals discovered a uranium facility among their midst.    The GE-Hitachi plant had actually been operating “unnoticed” for 50 years.

Sheila Muir is an organizer of a campaign to stop the operation of a uranium processing plant run by GE in the Lansdowne and Dupont area.  The plant has been operating for 50 years.

5. DVP and Highway 401Highway401

Researchers found that those living in this area breathe 10x the air pollution that those living further from the highway.


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