Toronto heat wave – Ideas to keep cool without air conditioning


1. Create a cross breeze.

Air likes places to go.  Open windows across from each other to get a breeze going

2. Hang out on the shaded porch.

While the temperature is likely the same or higher than indoors, the breeze is comforting

3. Siesta

The Europeans are known for taking naps at midday – the height of the afternoon heat.  Maybe Torontonians should start this.

4. Head over the the mall

Hang out in someone else’s air conditioning


5. Put ice buckets in front of a fan

6. Leave the ends of linen/cotton curtains in a bucket of water

Popular with the Brits in India, the water wicks up the fabric, the breeze blows this cooler air into the room

7. Find the pool. Or beach

Toronto has numerous outdoor pools and beaches


8. Eat popsicles. A lot of them

9. Cold shower.


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