Toronto streets with the most red light cameras

Toronto has a total of 77 red light cameras (this is public data).

The fine:

Getting caught on a red light camera results in a $325 fine broken down as follows: $260 fine,  $60 victim surcharge and $5 court cost.  There are no demerit points.  Getting caught running a red light by a police officer results in s $325 fine and 3 demerit points.

The ticket is sent to the  registered license plate holder.  It does not matter who was driving the vehicle.

How the cameras work:

The cameras only photograph vehicles that enter an intersection after the light has turned red. Vehicles that enter on yellow are not photographed.  Trained police  officers review each picture to verify that the vehicle is in violation of the law.  Tickets are only issued when it is clear that the vehicle ran the red light.

The List of cameras:

Here is a list of the top streets with red light cameras.  Happy driving/cycling.



Number of red

light cameras

Cross streets

Eglinton Ave. 5
  • Birchmount Rd.
  • Bermondsey Rd. / Sloane Ave.
  • Mount Pleasant Rd.
  • Spadina Rd.
  • Victoria Park Ave.
Lawrence Ave. 5
  • Bathurst St.
  • Bellamy Rd.
  • Don Mills Rd.
  • Morningside Ave.
  • Marlee Ave.
Birchmount Rd 5
  • Steeles
  • Eglinton Ave.
  • Huntingwood
  • Danforth Rd.
  • Danforth Ave.
Steeles Ave. 5
  • Birchmount Rd.
  • Brimley Rd.
  • Carpenter Rd.
  • Hilda Ave.
  • Islington Ave.
Lake Shore Blvd. 4
  • Leslie St.
  • Carlaw Ave.
  • Thirty Seventh St.
  • York St.
  • Windermere Ave.
Sheppard Ave. 4
  • Keele St.
  • Malvern St. / Progress Ave.
  • Neilson Rd.
  • Wilson Heights Blvd.
  • Brimley Rd.
Keele St. 4
  • Lawrence Ave.
  • Wilson Ave.
  • Rogers Rd.
  • Sheppard Ave
Bathurst St. 4
  • Lawrence Ave
  • Davenport Rd.
  • Sheppard Ave.
  • College St.
Warden Ave. 3
  • Arkona Dr. / Cloverleaf Gt.
  • Comstock Rd.
  • McNicoll Ave.

Here’s the full list:

City of Toronto Red Light Camera Locations
Adelaide St. Spadina Ave.
Albion Rd. Finch Ave.
Albion Rd. Silverstone Dr.
Bathurst St. Davenport Rd.
Bathurst St. Sheppard Ave.
Bayview Ave. Cummer Ave.
Bayview Ave. Fifeshire Rd. /Truman Rd.
Birchmount Rd. Huntingwood Dr.
Bloor St. Dundas St.
Bloor St. Ossington Ave.
Bloor St. The West Mall
Burnhamthorpe Rd. The East Mall
College St. Bathurst St.
Danforth Ave. Birchmount Rd.
Danforth Ave. Greenwood Ave.
Danforth Rd. Birchmount Rd.
Dixon Rd. Carlingview Dr.
Dixon Rd. Kipling Ave.
Dufferin St. Glencairn Ave
Dupont St. Lansdowne Ave.
Dundas St. Jarvis St.
Eastern Ave. Coxwell Ave.
Eglinton Ave. Birchmount Rd.
Eglinton Ave. Bermondsey Rd. / Sloane Ave.
Eglinton Ave. Mount Pleasant Rd.
Eglinton Ave. Spadina Rd.
Eglinton Ave. Victoria Park Ave.
Ellesmere Rd. Kennedy Rd.
Ellesmere Rd. Military Trail
Finch Ave. Leslie St.
Finch Ave. Willowdale Ave.
Islington Ave. The Westway
Jane St. Clair Rd. / Spenvalley Dr.
Jane St. Bala Ave. / Emmett Ave.
Jarvis St. King St.
Keele St. Lawrence Ave.
Keele St. Wilson Ave.
Keele St. Rogers Rd.
Kingston Rd. Port Union Rd. / Sheppard Ave.
Kipling Ave. Horner Ave.
Lower Jarvis St. The Esplanade
Lake Shore Blvd. Leslie St.
Lake Shore Blvd. Carlaw Ave.
Lake Shore Blvd. Thirty Seventh St.
Lake Shore Blvd. W/B York St.
Lake Shore Blvd. Windermere Ave.
Lawrence Ave. Bathurst St.
Lawrence Ave. Bellamy Rd.
Lawrence Ave. Don Mills Rd.
Lawrence Ave. Morningside Ave.
Lawrence Ave. Marlee Ave.
Leslie St. Lawrence Ave.
Leslie St. York Mills Rd.
Midland Ave. McNicoll Ave.
Midland Ave. Progress Ave.
O’ Connor Dr. Bermondsey Rd. / Yardley Ave.
Overlea Blvd. Beth Nealson Dr. / Thorncliffe Park Dr.
Queen St. Jameson Ave. / Landsdowne Ave.
Queen St. Woodbine Ave.
Richmond St. Parliament St.
Sheppard Ave. Keele St.
Sheppard Ave. Malvern St. / Progress Ave.
Sheppard Ave. Neilson Rd.
Sheppard Ave. Wilson Heights Blvd.
St. Clair Ave. Brimley Rd.
Steeles Ave. Birchmount Rd.
Steeles Ave. Brimley Rd.
Steeles Ave. Carpenter Rd.
Steeles Ave. Hilda Ave.
Steeles Ave. Islington Ave.
The Queensway North Queen St.
The Queensway The West Mall
Warden Ave. Arkona Dr. / Cloverleaf Gt.
Warden Ave. Comstock Rd.
Warden Ave. McNicoll Ave.
Wilson Ave. Transit Rd.
Yonge St. Lawrence Ave.

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