Toronto’s East Chinatown gets some new wall murals

The City of Toronto’s Street ART Toronto program (StART) and 15 student volunteers from Riverdale Collegiate have been working to recreate the New 7 Wonders of the World.
Brazil’s Christ the Redeemer, China’s Great Wall, India’s Taj Mahal, Italy’s Colosseum, Jordan’s Petra, Mexico’s Chichen Itza, and Peru’s Machu Pichu will all be depicted on building walls in Toronto’s East Chinatown.


The wallsare  at 585, 577, 590, 651 and 665 Gerrard Street East and 318 and 349 Broadview.


Here are the first of the completed murals

20160815_231106862_iOS 20160815_231608628_iOS

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