Toronto’s lost concert theatres


The Riverboat

Location: 134 Yorkville Ave.
Heyday: 1964-1973
Known for: The coffee house focused on folk and blues music
Notable players: Gordon Lightfoot, Simon and Garfunkel, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, John Lee Hooker
Closed: 1978

The Copa

Location: 21 Scollard St.
Heyday: 1983-1986
Known for: World and pop acts
Notable players: Herbie Hancock
Closed: 1992

The Concert Hall

Location: 888 Yonge St.
Heyday: 1983-1996
Known for: Now the Masonic Temple
Notable players: Led Zeppelin, INXS
Closed: 1996

Rock and Roll Heaven

Location: 2 Bloor E. Hudson’s Bay Centre
Heyday: 1980s
Known for: Mirrors, leather seats, girls
Notable players: Black Crowes
Closed: 1992

Larry’s Hideaway

Location: 121 Carlton St.
Heyday: 1978-1984
Known for: cheap hotel
Notable players: REM
Closed: 1986


Location: 585 Yonge St.
Heyday: 1971-1986
Known for: being inspiration behind Wanye’s World
Notable players: Rush
Closed: 1993

The Edge

Location: 70 Gerrard East.
Heyday: 1977-1982
Known for: dark interior
Notable players: The police
Closed: 1982

Colonial Tavern

Location: 203 Yonge St.
Heyday: 1947-1978
Known for: being Canada’s most famous jazz and blues venues
Notable players: GDizzy Gillespie, Thelonious Monk, Muddy Waters
Closed: 1987

Top O’The Senator

Location: 249 Victoria St.
Heyday: 1990-2005
Known for: Jazz pop acts
Notable players: Diana Krall
Closed: 2005

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