What to grow in your Toronto Garden

Turn your Toronto garden into an urban farm.  Here’s what you should grow.

Tomatoes. One of the most popular crops to grow, tomatoes require lots of sun and a decent amount of attention.


Lettuce.  Sow some lettuce seeds and watch them grow.  Good for shaded areas.  You can usually get 2-3 crops of lettuce in a Toronto summer.


Beans.  These also grow easily, but you’ll need stakes to make sure you get optimal results.


Swiss Chard.  Like lettuce, sow these seeds, sit back and watch.  Harvest the leaves as they grow.  New leaves will grow back.


Peppers.  All types of peppers can be grown in Toronto.  Try a hot pepper to add kick to your cooking.


Mint. Mint grows quickly and can quickly take over a garden.  Some might consider it a weed.  Good if you love mojitos.


Basil. Basil can be grown both indoors and outdoors.  Indoor growing is good for having a fresh supply during winter.  


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